I Quit My Job!

Let me start off by saying how relieved I am that I finally quit my previous job!

Wondrous Abyss 7.jpg

I worked at this office for 5 years and I can honestly say that I was unhappy working there roughly for 4 of those years.

Throughout 2019 I realized how working there started to affect my mental and physical health. Just being there gave me SO much anxiety. I felt stuck and like I could never get out of that hole.

This decision was not as easy as it sounds. The logical thing to do is to wait until you have a new job before quitting a job you currently have. But, I was at a breaking point and made the decision to quit without having a backup plan. Somehow, I knew I would be okay and that everything will workout. Something in my gut told me to trust God, let go of this stress, and have faith that everything will fall into place. So far, walking away from this job has been the BEST decision I have made in 2019!

Here’s how it went down. One day I just woke up and literally said FUCK IT. The stress I was going through while working there was not worth it. I was breaking out, getting sick to my stomach, literally. I had developed a polyp in my colon due to the stress. The stress was giving my daily headaches/ migraines and I was also stress eating. Again, NOT worth it. I just felt completely uninspired, underwhelmed and unmotivated to do anything.

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What I have learned from taking this leap is that being unhappy really is a choice. I was sick of complaining about how much I hated my job, how I felt stuck, how much I dreaded going into work, how I felt like I was wasting my brain cells doing something I did not like, etc. But once I handed in my resignation letter… I was so happy. My mood shifted, my energy changed and I was looking forward to whatever life had to offer me next.

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I will say that I was scared shitless for a little while after making the decision to quit. I was scared of the unknown. Mostly of not knowing what I would do next and being unsure if it was the right decision. Honestly, I am glad I went through with it because if I hadn’t, you bet your ass I would have been bitching and complaining about how much I hated being there every single day. I kid you not- I would walk into the office, clock in and say “I want to leave”. That’s how bad it was.

In conclusion, the lesson I learned here is that being unhappy is being unhealthy. If you can remove what is making you so unhappy, then go for it. Take the chance. You will not regret it!!

TRUST ME, you will be happier!

xoxo Liza