This is 27.

First off, Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a good ending of 2018 and that this new year brings you prosperity and everything you desire.

My birthday was last week. I am officially 27 years old! Geez, I feel older just typing that out loud -_- lol.

26 taught me a lot of lessons. Most of my early 20’s did, but at 26 I learned the most about myself. I feel that I’ve failed myself plenty of times throughout the year. I would set a goal, get sidetracked then let everything go to shit. (Which is not the way to go! If this hasn’t happened to you, learn from my mistake.) This year I plan on doing things differently. For example, I wanted to go see a movie the other day, but I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. So I went by myself. It wasn’t weird at all for anyone who thinks so. It was quite nice. This year I am vowing to myself to do more things I want to do, even if it’s alone.

One major thing I learned from 26, is that I would tend to overreact or react in a negative way sometimes to something small. I learned that reacting that way can make any situation worse. I end up fucking myself over at the end of the day. I also learned to stop expecting so much of people or situations. At times I can think the worst of people, but I expect the best outcome. You know, the always have a positive attitude thing. Which is wrong. Why? Because you expect something (nothing materialistic) and when it doesn’t happen you feel let down. Not much of the person or situation, but of yourself. I always hype myself up about certain expectations I make up in my head, only to let myself down all the time. Only I have control over that. This showed me that I should only hype myself up for things about ME. No more disappointing myself over expectations that aren’t going to become reality. Just get shit done.

This year for me is going to be about self-love. This doesn’t mean I do not love myself, or I am not acceptant of myself. I mean that I am going to focus more on building myself up, being positive to attract more positivity, being more patient, grateful, humble and showing more love. Although life may seem long at times, we must always keep in mind that life is short. Time flies by before our eyes. I don't want to wake up when I'm old and feel like unaccomplished or like I could have been better.


This is me. 27. Still learning about myself and becoming the best version of myself I can be. I hope you all learn things about yourself as time goes by to better yourselves.

xoxo Liza