Ready for Fall?

Fall is finally here! I would be more excited if the weather here in NYC were a little cooler, but nonetheless, we are in October. My favorite time of the year. Halloween is only 27 days away, its sweater weather, booties season, not too hot- or too cold out, and the holidays are around the corner.

The weather has been a bit of an up and down here in the city. Rainy, sunny, hot, cold- you name it. The best thing about this weather, is the fashion! We have the opportunity to play with our outfits and show our fashion style.

I put together some fall must-haves. Click on the images below and it will direct you to the website that sells the item. 

There are so many other fall essentials that you can get. Hopefully, this list was able to give you ideas and inspire you on what to get for fall.

xoxo Liza