Father's Day Shopping

Father’s Day is a just week away. I gathered some ideal gifts to give any dad. 
My dad is an old-school Cuban.He's not materialistic and sees family as a gift and a pack of beers wouldn’t hurt as a gift either.

  1. Speakers. Who doesn’t love listening to music?
  2. I feel like running sneakers are always a good option. You can be comfy and stylish even if you’re not at the gym.
  3. A wallet. I recently gave my dad a wallet with his name engraved on it and he loves it.
  4. Everyone needs a watch to tell time.
  5. A button-down shirt is always a go to. My dad personally loves dressy shirts because you can dress up or dress down with it.

Other options to do for Father’s Day is going to watch a sports game, go to dinner, fishing, watch a movie, go to a gun range, etc. There are so many different activities to do together. You can check to see what events are going on around that date and go for it. 

I hope this post gave you guys some ideas for potential gifts for Father's Day. 


xoxo Liza