Chicago City Pass

The Chicago City Pass is sold for $106 per adult and $89 per child. It includes the following attractions: 

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  • Shedd Aquarium - PRIORITY ENTRY
  • Skydeck Chicago - FAST PASS
  • The Field Museum - VIP ENTRY
  • Museum of Science and Industry   OR   360 CHICAGO Observation Deck - EXPRESS ENTRY
  • Adler Planetarium - VIP ENTRY   OR   Art Institute of Chicago - FAST PASS


When my boyfriend, Angel and I were in Chicago we purchased the CityPass. We went to the Shedd Aquarium, Skydeck Chicago, The Field Museum, 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck, and the Adler Planetarium. 

Shedd Aquarium

This was our first time ever going to an aquarium. We saw the dolphin show and a 4D movie which was included with our CityPass. There were also attractions where you can touch the stingrays and another fish that is from Australia. This aquarium is perfect for anyone of any age.   

fields museum shedd fish.jpg
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Skydeck Chicago

Seeing Chicago from up here is awesome! I recommend getting there early in the morning when it first opens to avoid the crowd. Once you enter the elevator only takes 60 seconds to go all the way up. Do not get scared once you’re there! Enjoy the beautiful view, stay calm and take lots of pictures! 

fields museum skydeck baby.jpg
fields museum skydeck view float.jpg

Yes, we were jumping in these pictures.

The Field Museum

This is Chicago’s museum of natural history. There is so much to see! The CityPass includes one 3D movie. The Field Museum has a real Tyrannosaurus Rex! They named this dinosaur Sue as a tribute to Susan Hendrickson who discovered the T-Rex back in South Dakota on August 12, 1990. We took a bunch of pictures of some of the random things we saw. I really did enjoy this museum a lot because there were various exhibits here I've never seen in other museums.

T-Rex Sue. The museum is currently building a new exhibit room around Sue. 

T-Rex Sue. The museum is currently building a new exhibit room around Sue. 

fields mummy 3.jpg

Adler Planetarium

We’ve never been to a planetarium and it was so cool!! There were so many cool things to see here. The CityPass included 2 showings in the dome. The way the dome’s screen takes you into space is amazing. The experience feels like you’re actually there!  Definetly check this out if you're in Chicago. 

"Out upon the borderland I see the glimmer of new lights that wait for their interpretation, and the great telescopes of the future must be their interpreters."
 Alvan Graham Clark (1832- 1897) Telescope maker
fields museum planeterium stary night.jpg
fields museum planeterium stary night_.jpg
fields museum planeterium sun.jpg
fields museum planeterium north pole.jpg
fields museum planeterium solar system.jpg

360 CHICAGO Observation Deck

This is a nice relaxing place to check out. Angel and I got there when it opened, and we were the only ones there! We did this thing they have called the "Tilt". It's $8 extra each. Honestly, I do not think its worth it. the Tilt is supposed to tilt outside of the building in an angle so that you can see more (while holding on to two metal bars on the sides). Lets just say it was whack. 
Although we did get there when the observatory deck opened, the staff was all over the place. No one seemed to know how to be professional or made the effort to. When we were leaving, there was no one by the elevator. Then when we went to check out the pictures they took of us, the staff was just chillin' there eating and talking shit, while we were waiting for someone to attend us. It was a total turn off and that itself would make me never want to go back. Beautiful views at least. 

If you’re going to Chicago and want to check out some of these attractions, I HIGHLY recommend getting the CityPass online. You will save time and money. The CityPass includes so much, it'll be worth it. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will consider going to these places for future ventures! 


xoxo Liza