How I Clean My Make-up Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes or beauty blender is very important and a part of your skincare believe it or not. If you use the same makeup brush a few times throughout the week or month, make sure to wash them! You don’t want to keep using them and then start breaking up or getting clogged pores from it. if you use a beauty blender, you should wash that every time after and or before you use it.


  • I use a plastic container and fill it up with hot water. Then I add some dishwashing soap, apple cider vinegar, and alcohol (to kill all the bacteria). 
  • Put the brushes in the mix for about 20 minutes. 
  • Take the brushes out and let the cool clean water run through the brush. I make sure to get into the middle of the brush by making circular motions on my palm with water running through. 
  • I then rewash them with a bar soap.
  • Rinse, make sure all the water is out of the brushes and lay them to dry overnight. 

Beauty blender

  • Rinse in warm water. 
  • Take a bar soap and thoroughly scrub the beauty blender onto the bar soap. 
  • Then rinse the beauty blender making sure the soap is out, and that it is fully cleaned. 

How do you clean your makeup tools? 


xoxo Liza