DIY Dream board/ Vision board

I have wanted to create a dream/ vision board for a long time and just finally got around to doing so. This vision board is something that I will be looking at every day and remind myself of my ambitions and goals, even if I’m having a shitty day. I created my vision board with a few things in mind. 

What I want long term, what I currently seek to achieve, places I want to visit, what I want to own, my creative dreams and goals. 

When I was creating my vision board I wasn’t sure what to fill it in with so I just started browsing pins I had saved onto my Pinterest account.

board pre.jpg

From there everything fell into place. Creating this vision board has helped me remember my long-term goals, my dreams that I want to accomplish and remind myself not to give up. While I was putting together my board, I found this quote that reads “Sin prisa pero sin pausa”, in English; “Not rushing not pausing”. This is a perfect way, to sum up how to chase your goals. You don’t have to rush but never stop chasing your goals. 

If you feel that you need the reminder of your goals, (like me), then I highly recommend creating one. It helps put things into perspective to see the full picture. 

How my vision board turned out fully.

How my vision board turned out fully.

I hope this post inspires you guys to create your own vision board! 

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xoxo Liza