Updated: Current TV shows I've been watching

These days I’ve been catching on some TV shows. Especially on those rainy days where I like to stay in and be a couch potato. Here are some of the shows I’ve been watching recently:

West World (Season 2):

This show is A M A Z I N G! Season 2 is insane. The Hosts are in control of their own storylines and know that there is a different world out there (the human world) which they want to get to. the human world is considered the "new world" to them. If you have yet to see season 1 or 2, get on it! This show will definitely keep you thinking and at the edge of your seat. 

 13 Reasons Why (Season 2): 

I got into this show because I read the book written by Jay Asher back when I was in high school. The story is a fiction tragedy about a girl who commits suicide. 13 Reasons Why opens up your eyes to bullying in school and how fucked up kids really are to each other. So in season 2, you see more of this. I read a lot of controversy going on with the last episode how people did not like it, blah blah blah. It is a very serious topic, and the purpose that the creators added this storyline in was to start the conversation. If you haven’t seen the series, definitely watch it. You’ll get so much from it and the storyline will get you thinking.  


I actually started watching this series last night and I’m already on episode 5. The series is about a man whose daughter goes missing along with her boyfriend. The episodes have some crazy twists and turns. Addicting. 

Imposters (Season 2): 

This series is different from others I've seen before. A woman who is a con artist and three of her previous spouses have also become con artists in the pursuit of looking for her. What I like about this series is that they show the highs and lows of the characters. The cons can be simple or complicated, but the orchestrator of these cons, the “Doctor”, has yet to be unraveled in the series. 


This series is hilarious. The episodes are only 30 minutes so you’ll get by the series quick. One of my favorite things about this show is how they use characters like real-life celebrities, for example in season 2 there’s a man that has a story exactly like Michael Jackson. The show stars Donald Glover which is about him and a few other characters trying to get more of life.

 What series are you guys currently watching? 


xoxo Liza