Mothers Day Shopping

Mothers day is this weekend! I put together a few things that you can buy for a Mother. No matter what age. 

For those who think the mothers have everything and they don’t know what to give them, here’s my list of ideas you can do as an alternative to buying a gift:

  • Cook a nice homemade dinner or take them out to dinner.
  • Take them to a wine and painting class. Always fun!
  • Spend the day at a beautiful spa getting pampered. Super relaxing for those hard-working moms. 
  • Take your momma to get a manicure and pedicure. 
  • Go to the mall and spend the day shopping and eating. 
  • Watch a movie.
  • Spend the entire day at home, making snacks, painting your mommas nails, watching movies, having a glass of wine (if she drinks), with rollers in your hair and some comfy PJ’s. 
  • Gift some flowers with a yummy Junior’s Cheesecake! That’s always delightful. 

Hope this helps any of you who need ideas on what to do or what to get for Mothers day. 


xoxo Liza