A little Monday motivation!

It’s Monday!! Everyone’s least favorite day of the week. 


The best thing about Monday’s is that it’s the beginning of the week and you get a fresh start. Here are some tips on how I like to tackle my Mondays. 

  • Have a cup of black coffee in the morning to get your gears working. 
  • Set some goals to accomplish for the week. 
  • Hit the gym and start working towards your body goals. Working out also helps relieve stress. 
  • Take a nice walk outside to get some fresh air.
  • Create a plan that you want to create. Mondays are perfect for fresh ideas. 
  • Manage your time throughout the day to get shit done. 
  • Prioritize your tasks. 
  • Think positive about your day and of the week ahead. It’s a simple law of attraction here, what you think will come to you. If you have negative thoughts then you attract negativity like if you have positive thoughts, you will attract positive energy. 

Now go out there and make Monday your bitch

xoxo- Liza

Memes & quotes source: Pinterest.com