Mondays . . .

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It’s Monday... again

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The weekend is always fun, but on Mondays, you get a fresh start to plan things. It's time to grind and go from Monday Lisa to Mona Lisa. 
On this gloomy, rainy day in NYC, and I’m here giving you guys a little reminder to stay positive. We’re at the beginning of the week, just about  ½ through April and time is flying! There are only 66 days until Summer! Crazy.I'm sure all of us New Yorkers are out here like this:


Remember to stay positive, have an opened mind, live your life and don’t let it just pass you by, explore and go out there to kick some butt.  

If you need some Monday Motivation, click here and check out my motivational post. 

So get your asses up and start the week with a fresh mindset! 


xoxo- Liza

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