Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is done by the of exposure of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. This can cause 70%-90% less hair growth and for some people, no hair growth. 

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Wait 4-6 weeks between each session. 
  • Before each session, you must shave the area you are getting treated. 
  • After the session, you must avoid hot water and avoid sweating for 24 hours. 
  • If you feel that your skin is a bit irritated put some hydrocortisone on and it will calm the area. 
  • Avoid the sun and apply sunblock for about 3 weeks. 
  • You will notice some redness after, depending on the area you chose to get treated. 
  • The thicker the hair, the better the treatment will work! 

I am currently getting the hair on my legs and Brazilian bikini area laser removed. I purchased six sessions for each area. I have done five sessions so far on my legs but still, have not seen the results I want. For the Brazilian bikini area, I have done four sessions so far and I have had no hair growth. I do recommend getting laser hair removal if you are constantly shaving.

Depending on your pain tolerance, the laser is a little uncomfortable. It feels like there is a rubber band is plucking you. The tools the technicians use have cool air blowing to make the laser bearable. 

You still have time before summer to get some laser hair treatments! It is totally worth it and if you find a good deal on Groupon, jump on it. 

Let me know if any of you have questions on laser hair removal. 

xoxo- Liza