Booking Trips

Pictures of some of my vacations from the past 3 years. 

Pictures of some of my vacations from the past 3 years. 

I often get asked how I book my trips when I travel. I love seeing new places and having new experiences. I’m always looking for the next adventure.  I have traveled to a total of nine countries and counting. The feeling of going to new places is always exciting and exhilarating. 
Getting to see new places is a privilege a lot of people are not granted in their countries. Even in the United States a lot of people do not take advantage of being able to travel. Traveling brings peace and awareness to life. I feel that traveling helped me grow as a person by exposing me to different cultures, having patience and learning to appreciate what I have. 

I check for deals on the following websites:

When I'm looking to book my next vacation I consider the climate and activities to do at the destination. I look at TripAdvisor and Viator. I look up “things to do” for whatever country or state I am visiting on Pinterest to get ideas. It is also important to see what events are going on during the time of travel. 
Do your research! The worst thing is going to a foreign country not knowing important things such as transportation, the currency exchange rate, things to keep a lookout for, and being aware of the culture. I also look up places to eat since I'm always down to try new authentic dishes. After fully completing your research, create an itinerary or a game plan for the time of your visit. It's best to plan museum trips or to see churches early in the day before the crowd gets there. 

Always look for great deals before settling to book a trip. 

How do you go about booking your trips? 


xoxo Liza