Oh, Venice. It’s beauty, architecture, and food steal my heart every time. 

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Venice is known for its canals, it’s art, architecture, murano glass, culture, gondola rides, Venetian restaurants, and homes. 
Venice’s history began in 400 A.C.E. after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West. People migrated to Venice to seek refuge from the Barbarian invasion that was striking the Northern parts of Italy.

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My Boyfriend, Angel and I went to Venice for a day. During our time in Italy, we were staying in Milan so we traveled by train. We took the Tren Italia, which cost us each 120 Euro for round trip ride. It only cost us so much because we booked the tickets the same day we left. I highly recommend planning ahead and purchasing your tickets online at to get cheaper tickets and better deals. We did pick premium seating to go and business class to return. So those seats, of course, were better than standard (which were sold out anyway at our time of booking). 

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Throughout our short time in Venice, we loved it! It happened to be the Festa Veneziana which is this huge carnival/ festival celebration that is held once a year which begins in January and ends on Ash Wednesday. There was ice skating, drink outside, everyone was dressed up, there was confetti everywhere, and it was just simply amazing. I never experienced anything like it. 

Everyone was dressed up for the festival, so I got some pictures with two of my favorite characters. (Jack Sparrow & Zorro). 

Once we got to Venice we started exploring the random little canals and walked our way to the Piazza San Marco. Of course, because of the carnival, it was super crowded. 

After roaming the canals and the random streets, we went to go have lunch. We had the most AMAZING lobster pasta. Best food in Italy I’ve had this year, hands down. 

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Once we finished stuffing our faces with some lobster pasta and wine, we continued roaming the beautiful city. There’s so much to see and so little time. We wanted to try all the foods and stay a bit longer. 

While walking around, saw some pretty art work on the street as well as this cool little bike made out of murano glass. 

We even got to ice skate in Venice! 

(I was trying not to bump the people hence my face in the picture.)

Out of all that we saw in Italy, my boyfriend and I both loved Venice the most. We had so much fun in such little time. 


  • There were way fewer pigeons in Venice. 
  • The Gandola Rides are 80 Euro no matter how many people are getting on (cash only). 
  • The water does not stink in the winter. In the summer, it does. 
  • A lot of little stairs to go up and down each canal throughout the city. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes to walk around. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Feel free to drop comments below. If you have any questions, experienced Venice different, anything. 

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xoxo- Liza