6 Simple Hair Tips

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my hair. How I keep my hair shiny, healthy and silky. I do not swear by any products because I feel that your hair changes as much as your skin. I have thin oily hair, and if I use the same products for too long, my hair dulls out.

Here are six things that I do to maintain my hair.

  • I use a microfiber hair towel. This will help reduce fizziness and breakage. You don’t even need to rub your hair with it because it will soak up all of the water out of your hair. You can even use a cotton shirt to dry your hair. These techniques will help protect your hair cuticles stay healthy.

  • Minimize heat use! Heat will fuck up your hair eventually. It can cause split ends, dry and damage your hair. Keep heat to a minimum to keep your hair nice and healthy.

  • Natural hair masks. Literally, almost any natural substance you can put in your hair. Such as aloe (from the plant), coconut oil, an egg, olive oil, banana, avocado, honey, pumpkin- the list goes on. I recommend for you to Google what your hair needs to determine which ingredients work best.

  • Hair oil. I’ve been using the Gisou Honey Infused hair oil and I love it. Before I would use Jojoba oil which is also good. Your ends constantly need moisture no matter how much or how little you wash your hair. Your ends need the oils.

  • Deep conditioner. This will be your best friend. I buy various brands of deep conditioners to apply in my hair and leave it on either for 15 minutes while I shower or overnight to wash out the next day. This leaves my hair silky smooth and shiny!

  • Trim your ends at least twice a year. This will keep your ends fresh and your hair from falling out.

What are some of the things you use to keep your hair looking good?

xoxo Liza