On June 2nd I chopped off about 50% of my hair. I cut it because I was sick of looking at the disgusting damage state my hair was in and I felt that the only way to fix the damage is to get rid of it. My hair was also thinning out towards the ends and the texture felt horrible. I still have some damage in my hair, and this was due to previous bleaching. Since my hair is thin, bleach does break my hair down a lot more than it would on thicker hair. Of course if I wasn’t constantly on top of my hair using coconut oil or other treatments, my hair would have probably fallen out. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit but it would have definitely been a lot worse. For the past couple of months I was giving myself trims at home because I felt that my ends needed to be kept fresh. But, that still did not help. Not using heat on my hair is really hard when I was used to blow drying my hair weekly. There are times when its hard to style it because you run out of ideas. My hair is short so the variety is limited.

The way my hair was before I cut it:


When I cut it:



I finally blew out my hair  after two months! 

I found that my hair is easier to manage after almost two months without using heat. It feels less damaged. My hair is less frizzy and has a lot more body to it. My hair also feels thicker and stronger. I am happy with the results and will try to continue not using heat on my hair throughout my journey for healthy hair! 

If you're trying to restore your damaged hair, I highly recommend not applying any type of heat to your hair for some time. You will find your hair to be easier to manage and much more healthier, as I did. I also noticed that my hair grew a bit faster when I was not using heat. Make sure to keep deep conditioning your hair. 

I will be updating this post throughout the rest of the year to show you guys my hair progress.

xoxo- Liza