Coconut Oil!

So I spoke about how I use coconut oil in my hair, now I’m going to tell you guys how I use it on my skin!

I use coconut oil for a couple of different ways; makeup remover, moisturizer and when I want to give myself a pedicure. Sounds a little weird and I am sure some people do not use it for some of these things but here is how I do it.


1.      Makeup remover.

I like to use this to remove my eye makeup mostly because I tend to break out when I use other makeup removal products due to my super sensitive skin.

The first thing I do is take a cotton ball and add some coconut oil onto it, but not too much because you do not want the access to go into your eyes while you’re removing your eye makeup. Just squeeze it a little after dabbing it just to make sure it does not leak.

Second, put the cotton ball to your face with the coconut oil and move back and forth. Or in circles however you want and watch the magic work! Be sure to turn the cotton ball over so you can remove the access of the makeup while you go. You can do this to your entire face if you’d like. Just keep repeating the same process.

Lastly, wash your face with your regular facial soap. Then pat dry and voilà! Your makeup is off! 


2.      Moisturizer.

When I shave my legs, my skin looks EXPREMELY dry and sometimes looks like its cracking. Sometimes when I get too tanned also my skin develops these white patchy spots called Pityriasis Alba which is a mild form of eczema.

Show pics of oil on hand and adding onto wherever

I try not too add too much coconut oil on the area I am applying it to, so doesn't look too shinny or so the oil doesn't get on my clothes. I then work the oil into my legs, arms, stomach, or wherever I’m using it. Make sure you let it air dry for a few minutes before getting fully dressed.


3.      Pedicure.

I’m a little iffy when it comes to nail salons and my feet. I do not like the fact that they use the same tools on everyone (even if they “clean it” you never know). So I like to give my self my own pedicures!

The first thing I do is add a good amount of coconut oil onto my heels and bottom of my feet then put a thick sock on and wait awhile. Sometimes I wait an hour or so before taking it off but i usually leave it on over night.

After I take off the socks, my heels and feet are extremely soft! The dead skin becomes easy to remove. I use the PedEgg or a file to get rid of the dead skin, then I soak my feet in hot water with Epsom salt. After that, I take my feet out to dry them. You'll find the bottom of your feet feeling softer and smoother!


These are some of the ways I use coconut oil. How do you use your coconut oil?


xoxo- Liza