Coco for Coconuts!

Coconut oil is proven to have many benefits. You can use it on your skin, your hair, your food, just about anything! But today we'll be discussing how to use it on your hair. 

I have very fine hair with an oily scalp, so I put coconut oil everywhere except my scalp. After having bleached my hair back in November 2016, all the areas that were covered with the bleach are very fragile and dry still. So, here is how I use coconut oil.

I take a small amount and add it to my ends first. Keep in mind, if you have oily hair do not add too much! I then start to work the oil into my hair and work my way up towards my scalp without adding oil to my scalp. I do this once a week or once every two weeks if I feel my hair getting too oily. I do make sure my hair is saturated with the coconut oil before styling it. 

I like to leave the coconut oil in my hair overnight or sometimes for a full day while I go out and run errands or go to work, whatever it may be. Some hairstyles I like to do while I have coconut oil in my hair will be found below.

Once you decide to wash it out, use your preferred shampoo and make sure to get it all out. 


xoxo- Liza