Refocusing Yourself

Growing up you deal with a lot of random obstacles life throws your way that sometimes makes us lose track of our path. It’s a part of life no? Well, the only way to continue growing and making progress in life is by staying focused on the bigger picture or the goal you have in mind.  
When I was in college I experienced a shit load of obstacles that were distracting me from my school work. Whether it was having to find a job to support myself or working too much or trying out different multilevel marketing companies, health issues, family issues, just LIFE. I allowed myself to get caught up and lost total focus. But somehow I made it through with attaining my little bachelors degree. The main thing you want to do when life is getting in the way of your goals is to refocus yourself and your thoughts. Here are some of the things I do when I need to refocus myself. 

1.    Reevaluate my goal
When you’re feeling like giving up, DON’T! Revise your goals and see if they’re attainable. If you have to tweak it a little bit, do it. But do not miss the bigger picture. I feel that so many people get discouraged due to their surroundings or things “getting in the way” of their goal. Let’s get something clear here, the only thing/ person standing in the way of our goal is you. Therefore, make sure this goal you’re aiming for is something you’re willing to work hard at and not let any obstacles get in the way. 

2.    Give yourself a deadline! 
This is extremely important guys!! One thing I learned about myself is that if I do not set deadlines for myself I would just postpone and procrastinate. When you’re in college you have deadlines for papers due, midterms, project, etc. School has always given you deadlines but you have to learn to set them for yourself too. One of the hardest things you will do if you’re a procrastinator like me, is to discipline yourself with deadlines. Once you get a hang of it then life will just be smoother and work will get done promptly without you freaking out every few minutes. 

3.    Set reminders
Reminders are key. What’s the point of having a deadline if you don’t remember? Set a couple of reminders for yourself throughout the timeframe of your goal. I have a whiteboard hanging on my bedroom wall with my “To Do” list and my 3-month and 6-month goals on it. You could try different methods. Set alarms on your calendar, make your goal the lock screen on your phone, put sticky notes on your computer, anything anywhere everywhere! Get creative! 

4.    Getting off social media for a while
One of my biggest distractions, while I was in school, was social media. Not because it is a distraction but because I would find myself on social media scrolling through my feed instead of studying. How many other people have done that? Well in my journey of creating this blog, I also took myself off of social media for a couple of months. I was not sure if I would actually create it or not but when I started, there was no stopping. No distractions. It took me a couple of months but I did it. So take the time you need. Take a break. Trust me, when you go back on social media people will still be posting their entire life stories on there. You’re not missing a thing. 

5.    Go to the gym
One thing I learned about life is that working out can relieve A LOT of stress. If you’re overwhelmed and you feel like life is just throwing too many things your way, get your ass up and work out. Go for a walk/ run or do some weight lifting and clear your mind, recollect your thoughts and get back to work. 

6.    Take a seat and catch my breath
When I turned 21 I was working all day and going to school full time, staying up until almost 4 a.m. sometimes writing papers to then be up by 7 a.m. to get to class on time and sometimes doze from how exhausted I was! It was definitely a learning experience. I didn’t sit down and catch my breath and reevaluate the importance finishing school was to me. It took me some time but when I caught my breath, I just went full throttle in getting my degree. So before you make that mistake I did, just take things slow and put what’s important to you first. 

7.    Getaway
A vacation! Take a break if you need one to center yourself, then get back to the goal. All you need sometimes is to relax and a little change in scenery to get refreshed. 

There are so much more different methods you can try to refocus yourself. Test some different methods out and see what works best for you. I hope you all stay focused on your goals and aspirations because at the end of the day, remember, no one is going to do it for you. 


Xoxo- Liza

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