New York Yankees Game 14


My amazing Boyfriend, Angel, snagged us some tickets to see the New York Yankees play the Toronto Blue Jays! We sat at the Fields MVP section which was pretty cool. Although I have lived in New York my entire life, this was my first time visiting the Yankee Stadium. Let just say, I am not a die-hard baseball fan but I do enjoy live games. 

Baseball is pretty simple to understand.  For those who do not know how it works, there are a total of nine innings where in each inning both teams alternate from field base to batting. To make it simpler the top of the inning one team plays on the field and the bottom of the inning the teams alternate. 

This game itself was great! We (Yankees, because I am from New York why wouldn't I root for the Yankees), beat the Toronto Blue Jays 11 to 5! From the moment Angel and I got to the stadium, the Yankees were hitting home runs after home runs. The hits were out of the park! Four in a row to be exact only on the second inning. I’m telling you, from the beginning it was a great game. The Blue Jays got a couple of home runs in the mid innings, but the Yankees definitely kicked their butt!


Then somewhere in between all the excitement of the game, a Yankees fan decided to run into the field!! This was my first time ever going into the Yankee Stadium as I said, so for me to witness all of this on the first game I watch was awesome. Immediately once the fan hit the field running the security grabbed him. I’m not sure which was more exciting to watch, the homeruns or the fan running into the field. 

If you're in New York City during baseball season, be sure to stop by the Yankee Stadium and watch a game! If you're not a baseball fan and decide to check it out, you may be surprised of the loads of fun you will have. 

xoxo- Liza