Ugh! Who doesn’t hate pimples! I feel like it's the end of the world when I get one. The thing I hate most about breaking out are blemishes.

A brief history on my skin; I used Proactiv all throughout High School but before using Proactiv I never suffered from acne. Fast-forward to when I was in college, I decided that I no longer wanted to use the product due to the ingredients, then I ended up with a pizza face- as people call it. I had scars all over my cheeks and nasty pimples all over my face. So imagine, I went from having smooth skin 98% of my teenage years then once I stopped using the product I broke out disgustingly. My pimples literally went from 0-100 real quick! The product does work, I am not saying I am against Proactiv because when I was on it, I loved it. I realized it wasn’t a healthy product for MY skin. I had to get three chemical peels to help clear out the scars and practically lived in the dermatologist for about 5 months or so after I stopped using Proactiv. The breakouts made me turn to using foundation to cover up the acne, which just irritated my skin even more since I never used makeup before then.

I have tried many things on my skin and have come up with a few remedies that work for clearing up my breakouts fast, but I am still trying out new things I find along the way.

I have combination skin and get mostly oily in my T-Zone but my face all over does get slightly oily. These things work for my skin and could possibly work on yours.

  1. Icing the pimples brings down the inflammation. If you’re going to put makeup on over your pimples, make sure you do this so the pore closes and the swelling goes down. Your makeup will appear a lot smoother.
  2. Putting raw a garlic clove on your pimple. Leave it on overnight and you will see the pimple be less inflated in the morning.
  3. Putting Vicks directly on your pimple helps with the swelling and bringing out the pimple to make it ready to pop.
  4. Lush- Mask of Magnaminty. This mask helps pull the dirt out of your pores and leaves it smooth with a fresh finish.
  5. Glycolic Acid Night Cream. I started using this recently and after less than a week, I noticed how my acne scars have lighted along with reducing the pimples I already had.
  6. St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. Exfoliating the skin daily has helped my acne reduced a lot! I’ve noticed my scars also clear up much faster when using this.
  7. I change my pillow cases every three days and if I could I would change it more often. The oils from your hair can get on your face and produce more acne breakouts. 
  8. Also having a separate towel for your face and body helps.
  9. Drinking A LOT of water! Water is your best friend. There was a point I would drink over a gallon of water a day and I found my skin to be much more clear during that time and less oily.
  10. Apply hydrocortisone. My dermatologist told me to do this whenever I get a pimple to bring the swelling down. Let me tell you, it works! Apply it a couple of times through out the day to see maximum results. 
  11. Do not use makeup daily. You need your skin to breathe. I go 90% of my week without makeup to avoid clogged pores. 
  12. Working out. Sweating helps the glands on your face open up to clear out toxins and all the other nasty stuff in there.

Everyones skin is different. The way we break out, the type of breakouts, the type of acne, it's all different based on a person. The key is to try and figure out what works out best for your skin! For those with acne, do not give up and keep trying new methods to help clear your skin. Stay confident, you got this!