My Current Favorite TV-Shows

The weather outside is getting chillier and there's nothing better to do than to get cozy at home and watch some TV, with some hot chocolate or a glass of wine.

I wanted to share with you guys some shows I'm currently addicted to watching.

(Posters are from the shows websites.)

Who doesn't love this show! Suspense, a little drama, and some mystery. Currently, the show is in season 2 on the CW. A group of high school kids trying to solve mysteries as they become presented with each challenge. Once I saw the first few episodes last season, I was instantly hooked. Definitely, a must watch if you haven't yet.

I loooooveee this show!! I binged watched the first 6 seasons last year and became hooked! The show is on season 8 now and it just gets crazier. I love Shameless because you get to see this family with drug-addicted and alcoholic parents beat the odds as much as they can while failing most of the time. Realistic situations. Has everything you need in a show: comedy, drama, crazy people, etc. 

Huge Batman fan and who doesn't want to see how Bruce Wayne became Batman? The show is taking a different twist this season where you see a completely different side of Bruce that you never saw before. I'm excited to see where this season leads. Also, no word yet if the show is being renewed for another season... I hope they do. 

My boyfriend has me hooked on this show. It's an older Netflix show that aired from 2011-2014. I binged watched the first two seasons in about a week... Can you tell I'm hooked? The show has the most insane twists and turns you could never imagine. The show starts off about the murder of 17-year old Rosie Larson and the detectives who are trying to solve the case. Can't wait to see who the killer is! 

A classic rich people with rich problems show. This is a remake of the 1980's Dynasty, also given on the CW. Basically, the show is about the Carrington family and all the drama that goes on behind their mansions doors. An interesting watch, but more of a soap-opera feel to it. But at the end of each episode, you will find yourself wanting more. At least I do.

Those are the TV-shows I’m currently watching. I hope you guys found some inspiration for what shows to start next if you haven’t seen them already.

What are you guys currently watching? 

xoxo Liza