Recent Reads

Recently I've been getting into the habit of reading more at home, which is a great thing. Since I've been reading more at home I've been going through books quicker. Here is a list of my most current reads and a blimp of what they are about. 

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  • #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

This is the latest book I have read. Hands down, love it. Sophia Amoruso is the Founder of Nasty Gal. In this book Sophia writes about her journey to be where she is now and the obstacles she overcame. She keeps it real throughout the book, you see the raw truth of what it took her to become a #GirlBoss. 


“Abandon anything about your life and habits that might be holding you back. Learn to create your own opportunities. Know that there is no finish line; fortune favors action. Race balls-out toward the extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of, or still haven’t had time to dream up. And prepare to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.” 
  • A Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Loooovvvveeee this book! This book is about a young man named Henry "Monty" Montague who is in love with his best friend Percy. The book takes place in the 1800's in Europe where they go on tour to different parts of Europe to experience life and become more educated on other cultures before starting their careers. I loved the overall story line, it's very captivating and you get to see how someone can be so blinded by their ego that they cannot see what is best for other people. I had a little bit of a love/ hate relationship with Henry because of this. It was frustrating to see how he would behave sometimes but then it is understandable when you see someone in a higher class being a dick. It's simple. They weren't taught any better. But the story has adventure, love and many obstacles the characters overcome. I haven't read a good story in a while. 


“It is remarkable how much courage it takes to kiss someone, even when you are almost certain that person would very much like to be kissed by you. Doubt will knock you from the sky every time.” 
  • Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

I love all Paulo Coelho books. This book was interesting. Throughout this read, you notice how the main character Maria, keeps giving herself a deadline to get out of a lifestyle where she is making decent money just to go back to her hometown and show off how much money she has but ends up getting sucked up in this lifestyle and staying longer than she anticipated. 


“Everything tells me that I am about to make a wrong decision, but making mistakes is just part of life. What does the world want of me? Does it want me to take no risks, to go back to where I came from because I didn't have the courage to say "yes" to life?” 
  • Nice is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything by The Betches

The Betches are hilarious. Prepare yourself to read all the fucks they don't give and some not so traditional ways of living life with some truths. 


“So hold your head up high, reserve your smiles for those who really deserve them, and let the world know it’s your bitch.” 


What's on your current reading list? 

xoxo- Liza